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A Complete Plan of Getting Fit

 Believe in yourself and try our plan. Then, after 5 weeks you will be amazed at the results – your body will get slimmer, healthier, and far more flexible!

A Complete Plan of Getting Fit

Seize your day and get moving  Disappointed with the few pounds that have recently changed your “used-to-be-slim” silhouette? Thinking of getting trimmer? Do you dream of losing weight or building up some muscle? Either way, the tricks below will help you transform your body. Don’t waste your time. Go ahead and get started. Another 5 weeks and you will be completely satisfied with your toned up body!  Burn much more calories and fat  Would you like to improve your results? Instead of picking a monotonous and very long workout session you should combine cardio with strength training. In this way you can save your time, work more effectively and burn calories and fat more intensively. Besides, if you have more muscles, you will burn calories even at rest.

Make a list of your goals Consider what would inspire you to keep going and make your own motivation list first. It is only natural that we all should feel tired and fed up at times. When these difficult moments approach, this list will support you and remind of what you are sweating for.

Let your food be as natural as possible Do you feel hungry and think about eating more than usual? If you have been on strict diets, then the reason is lack of balanced nutrition. These signals of your body are normal. Therefore choose high-quality food instead of dietary products and avoid starving. Choose some dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit and whole-grain foods at each meal. And remember – there is no perfect diet, all you need is to listen to your body and you will never feel cravings.

Transform your fat into muscle It is not an exact but a popular interpretation. In a nutshell, your muscle is an active tissue which burns your consumed calories almost all the time, even when you are asleep. Therefore it can be valuable to do strength training and develop muscles. Your results would be achieved more quickly if you do both intense cardio and strength training.

 Do cardio  Only 4 times per week and you will soon enjoy your results! Sometimes 40 minutes is all you need to make your heart stronger and your buttocks tighter. Let’s start. Prepare for a side-to-side squat. Stand straight, your feet together and your arms alongside the body. Squat while moving your right foot to the side. Touch the ground with your fingertips to keep balance. Return to the previous position. Now switch the feet and repeat the exercise. Moving quickly will stimulate your heart and increase the heartbeat. It’s considered to be one of the most effective cardio workout routines.
Include strength workout  This kind of exercise is modified planking that is performed with a stability ball. Kneel in front of the ball place your forearms on it, make sure that your chest is above the ball. Raise your feet off the ground and extend your arms. Let the ball roll away a bit, then bend your elbows and pull the ball back in. Repeat up to 15 times. Extend your legs and do a full plank if you are up for some challenge.
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