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Breast Cancer Rates Rising In India

A comparison of breast cancer in India with western nations like the US and with our own neighbour, China, gives a good idea of the trends it is following. This comparison is obtained from the Globocan Project, the latest of which is for the year 2012.  Breast cancer is the MOST COMMON CANCER in women all over India and accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women in Indian cities. We are witnessing an AGE SHIFT, and the average age of developing breast cancer has shifted from 50 - 70 years to 30 - 50 years; and cancers in the young tend to be more aggressive. Awareness and understanding of this disease is half the war won already; and will help in making correct decisions and selecting correct doctor for the treatment. According to (WHO), for the year 2012, an estimated 70218 women died in India due to breast cancer, more than any other country in the world (second: China - 47984 deaths and third: US - 43909 deaths ). Notice the difference in numbers! In India, many non oncology medical professionals (General Surgeons, Gynecologists etc.) tend to treat breast cancer themselves, there are a lot of incorrect decisions, unwanted investigations, and inadequate surgeries, and this directly affects the outcome and longevity of the patient.  
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