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Pregnant? Eat this to maximise your baby’s brain health

The health benefits of fish as a rich source of omega-3 are already well known, but a new Japanese study has now found further evidence to suggest that ensuring adequate consumption of omega-3 when pregnant can have a beneficial effect on the child’s development, with researchers also believing they have found out why. The fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 are ...

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‘Fat But Fit’ Is Not Good For Health

A new Swedish study has dismissed the idea that ‘fat but fit’ is OK, finding instead that obese men with a high aerobic fitness level were still at a higher risk of death than those of a normal weight but with a lower fitness level. Aerobic fitness level and obesity have been well studied in older participants, but less so ...

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There are many products on the market for oral dental hygiene. But as some used to say not everyone are good in flossing, or not everyone succeed to remove those coffee and wine stains. With so many different products, do you wander what actually you are putting in your mouth? What kind of harmful chemicals can be consisted in one ...

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